Thursday, December 28, 2006

Anti Masonic FDC cover - again, I wish to add one more sample, which is not stated (but just mentioned) in Scott catalog.

We are talking about Scott #2NB15-18 (see previous post) where is on show FDC from this set in 'standard' version, mean with black cancel, with Michel catalog valued at 55.00 Euros.

Here is an picture of same issue, but with gold cancel, and that are still very important when talk about value of it.

I just check the Serbian catalog which have it valued on 75.00 e, and Michel catalog from 2005 yr value it on 150.00 e. I ask my supplier from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Backi Petrovac, about this items and all told me that with gold cancel will be very hard to obtain it.
Reason is that many people sold it long time ago, when was Serbia bombed by NATO and sanctioned by UN, most collectors exported and sold best items to Germany.
And one issue of this tipe is attractive for collectors that collect topic of Judaism, Third Reich, Masonic, etc.

In the end, nearly one and half year later, I received one offer from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and asking prices was 130.00 euro, which I accepted at glance.

I can just suggest to collectors searching for this items, don't buy it from online auctions!!!!!
If You see that someone is offering this item by email, online auction, or other means - pass it, best is to buy it from knowing dealer or from trusted supplier who know all possible manipulation with this period material.


nemanja.k said...

I just found this blog. There are some very interesting comments. But remark about face value in two currencies is wrong. All stamps bearing inscription Serbia/Srbija have face value only in Serbian dinars, since it is only official currency here.
Two currencies were used only on “Serbia and Montenegro” stamps, because Montenegro used and uses only euro, not serbian dinar. Since both countries became independent, that reflected on their stamps. Serbian stamps have face value only in dinars, stamps of Montenegro only in euros.

Miloje Chastven said...

Nemanja - hvala na obavestenju - thanks for this information, hope that other collectors will learn and notice it.