Friday, December 19, 2008

18, 19, 20-2008:

Heading to end this 2008 year, it come last three issue. By my opinion, it is one "simple" issue, and by my opinion absolutely unnecessary! Also design show us one symptom that all Serbian have, and it is that nothing they can not made "till the end" correctly. This symptom is visible everywhere - from life to art - they will do job properly all the way, but when they feel that end is near - things will be done poorly!

What is good for this year - is just quantity printed, Serbian Post keep one best policy to protect also philatelist, and also future catalogue value for own stamps - it is printed around 30-50 000 quantity, that is one offset for REALLY market need - subscribers and little to the post offices for use - all what need to be done, this way, new mint issue will have one real catalogue prices, and used material will be very hard to find and complete one collection in used condition will be even more harder.

18-2008: come to celebrate 60 yr of convention for Danube Navigation, what is need to celebrate this occasion i don't know! They have every year "Danube convention" issue, and now one "sub-issue" for same topic? Issued on Nov 20, 2008, one single stamp, view of Belgrade and one ship, from "long distance" - nothing good to say, face value just less than 1.00 US$ - affordable but who collect it?

19-2008: Christmas issue, that I never liked - here we have two stamp, showing us one icon and one painting, issued on Nov 28, 2008, two face value of together 66.00 dinar, something around 1.50 US$, that will be good for collectors of "Icon", "Christmas" issue - but hardly that will reach some "good" prices in future!

20-2008: Dadov Theatre - Even that I'm native of Yugoslavia, Serbia, Vojvodina - I never hear of this theatre! I never hear that it have so great significance for Serbian population and have any "standing" in Serbia! Possible in today's time, withs someones "good connection" they managed to have one stamp like this printed. Issued on Dec 5, 2008, with really small face value of less than 0.50 US$ - no big deal at all!

Friday, December 05, 2008

16-2008, 17-2008:

16-2008 is for 125 year in First telephone in Serbia! 125 years - not short time - isn't? Great achievement - and so poor design. First phone line are introduced JUST EIGHT AFTER invention of phone, it is really best for so poor country! And it thanks for Panta Mihailovich who made it live. On stamp is one combination of portrait of Panta and building in Belgrade where is first phone installed. First Day Cover design made it better visible and all collectors who collect "phone", "architecture" will like it. Stamp are issued on Oct. 24, 2008, face value are still low - 46.00 Serbian dinar - around 0.50 US$ - but dealer will ask 1.00 $ for single and 2.00$ for FDC that are still affordable for any one who collect it.
17-2008 is for "Children's Costume" - one really nice issue - nice in all aspect!!!! Design, format, colors - all are synchronized in well manner and taste. For Serbia Post, this format is not new, what is new that they now use 9 stamp and one tab, that made collectors little bit "angry" because one more combination are added to existing issue (single with tab), and one sheetlet (kleinbogen) of 9+1 will for sure rise expenses of every serious collector, but this issue deserve it.
On stamp are two kind of costume - one from Sumadija Region and second from Kumodraz region, it is two different kind of costome, well created and full of color palette. First Day Cover are really art work - see this scan, something great!
date of issue is Nov 11, 2008, face value little over 1.00 euro - but try to obtain it by this prices - no way! Set are selling for 2.00, FDC for 3.00 and sheetlet of 9+1 tab will ask full 30.00 euro at glance.

2008 Postage Due # 6, , 8, 9, 10:

Here I will be very short, because most information I miss from official in Serbia, what I know is poor information from stamp alone, but I will try my best.

RED CROSS - Solidarity week, in use for period I don't know, but according design, it is for "old age people" for sure, intention is to think and care about old people - nice intention!

Anti Cancer - portrait of Dr Avram Josif Vinaver, I don't know this doctor, but other collectors know, specially someone who specialized in this field, issue is like usually, and possible this small dimension stamp, don't have some "big attention" in collectors "sight".

Children's Week - I give this name of issue, because from picture on stamp, it is one boy in "Superman" pose, I think that role for this issue is to wake avarnees for children protection, from other newspaper I see that Serbia have an problem when is question of children's. Date on stamp for use are Oct 6-12, 2008, week like usually - where money collected will go is good question. Issue are in two format, one is adhesive format, perforated and second is self-adhesive imperforate.

For "Avala" RTV Tower - this one have an really good point, but I will prefer one regular issue, not "obligatory" week stamp - but one really issue for simple reason - that this tower are destroyed by NATO forces, totally without reason and need, simple destruction of civilian object that served population in Serbia, no one was charged, no one pay to this country any compensation, and no one pay to the victims family that are killed on the bombing! One moment that need to be remembered with much more attention than one small format stamp!

Prices for each are few cent on face value, but dealer will minimum ask of 1.00 $ per stamp, that are not so great deal!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Kosovo Autonomy Issue:

Something that I discovered recently, and because it is still Serbian Autonomy, I will placed it here, like sample of illegal issue from Serbian territory - someone will ask why labeled it like illegal????

So - existed some indication and fact that we (collectors and dealers, philatelist, brokers) can not ignore, and one of many are that:
a) Kosovo is still unrecognized from UN organization, EU didn't recognized it, and what is most important - UPU also didn't recognized it like independent country!!

b) I didn't find in any page around web, or on USPU web pages that USA Post give or agree to made one late joint issue with Kosovo Autonomy. If I don't made mistake, this issue are same like USA Scott B1 - issued 07/29/98, for which catalogue have an "low" value of 0.80 US$ - now when I search for this Kosovo Autonomy issue - I find that dealer and supplier from Serbia and Kosovo are asking not big money - but expensive prices of 1.65 euro per single (that are 65% up face value, not too much - normally charge are 2x face value), 5.85 euro for FDC and 22.00 euro sheet of 10.
c) Kosovo Autonomy have postage stamp issued by UN mission in Kosovo, and all issue have inscription "United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo" and this one issue (and some other issue from this year) have an inscription of "Republic of Kosovo" that is another one reason to call it illegal.
In the end - possible it will have some sale success around philatelist, because people collect also illegals!

Friday, October 24, 2008

14 and 15-2008, Grapes and Vine:

Here we come again with one beautiful issue from Serbia, I will pray that it continue this way to the future! One really nice art work, issued on Sept. 25 2008 with topic "Flora - Grapes and Vineyard of Serbia", set of 4 value + tab on middle - if you can, zoom this set and You will discover one really, but really original replica of grapes that are possible! Artist made it great and I'm even more fascinated with FDC cover - the colour of bottles and colour of vine, something that give wish to touch it, to smell it!

The stamp are devoted to four region in Serbia, that have one long tradition in making vine and grapes, even that vine from Serbia never reach some fame like French or Italian, but locally made vine and inside Serbian population this vine have one good standing, maybe because people from this region like locally made vine. And other product from this grapes are known in the Europe well, it is cognac and brandy that have even more bigger tradition like vine.

We have here also one design of FDC and one art in CM - just see and enjoy! Prices are not so big, by face value it is around 1.50 US$ for set without tab - but tell me how to separate tab from sheet of 5 set with 5 different tab on middle? And for sheet You will need little bit more, around 7.50 US$. Where come problem? It is for collectors that don't have access to directly obtain it from Post service, but must to use dealer - because this topic and quantity issued, it will be hard to obtain it in less than double face value.

15-2008 "Joy of Europe":

Even that this issue have an very good intention, I really don't like design and like what we see from scan, it is really poorly managed. I think that children's drawing are not something that can be ranged high! I understand intention, it is very good, it help to collect some income for Joy of Europe festival, it help to promote children's topic around globe - but to made stamp with better design is impossible - what to do? Nothing, keep support children's and this organization. This year it is just 1 value in set (?) - strange because usually it come in set of 2 (possible my supplier made mistake?) and face value are low - just less than 1.00 US$ - but again, dealer will ask double price, reason are still in quantity issued, and MOST issue from Serbia are sold very quickly.

Monday, August 18, 2008

11-2008 "Orient-Express" Train Line:

This one issue will be next to best - if I talk about Europa 2008 issue like best in this year, this one will be really close to this one if not equal - first it is really important to "writte in history" this train line that come from Paris to Strasbourg and continue to Munich, Wien, Budapest, Belgrade, Nis and finished in Constantinople. It is issued on 9 June, 2008, two value in set, with great artist work! I can say - well done!

Face value are 20 and 50 Serbian Dinar, it is around 1.40 US$ face value, but You will never "catch" this prices from any dealer, it will cost You minimum twice with good luck if you will be able to find it occassionaly on market - just on standing order from post or from your personal dealer You will manage to buy it.

12-2008 "50 year of Television - Belgrade":

I will not talk lot about this issue, yes it have significance for Serbia alone, but design is really "low profile", one "home work" for one art student class - nothing more. Issued on 16 June, one value, face value are around 1.00 US$, that You can obtain it from dealer in maximum 10-15% up to face value, really nothing special.

13-2008: "200 yr grand school - Belgrade":

Again one issue that have just significance for citizen of Serbia, because 200 yr of one Grand School is not "small" things - countries in United Europe even didn't exist for this long period, and one small Serbia have one school with 200 yr tradition - but, from Philatelist wiev, I think that existed many other way to celebrate this event, and more of it - with much better design! One value, face cost is low - 0.40 US$, I don't know what this school will benefit from this stamp, except that it will stay in history of philately forever. Issued on 10 July 2008, and market value will also stay low as can be.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

#9-2008, "European Nature Protection":

issued on May 23, 2008 - two value, 20.00 and 46.00 serbian dinar, it will be somewhere around 1.32 US$ face value, but - BUT, dealer will not sell it less than 2.50 US$ per one set, reason is very clear (and I think justified) - dollar value are constantly low, chaos around oil and globally prices are rising for everything.

This issue commemorate Nature protection, that I believe are really very important, it have great connection with one fact, that human are more and more responsible for situation in nature, and that WE all forgotted simple thing - MOTHER NATURE, that have own law, own system and own punishment for human bean.

First stamp (20.00 Serbian Dinar) have picture of Vlasina Plateau, one beautiful, untouched place in Serbia where more than hundred spices of bird have place, and some rarest floral samples existed.

Second stamp (46.00 Serbian Dinar) placed Dewil's Town (Djavolja Varos) on it, this is one natural reserve place in central Serbia, recently proposed for "world heritage". To be fair, this stamp I don't like, because artist made it in little bit "confused" way, with mixing some "ill" colors - maybe it was intention because name of place alone.

Just to mention one error on FDC - on back side, where is explanation and article about this issue - one typo error occured, where is stated that two value existed, one with 46.00 dinar and second with 50.00 dinar - ectually it is just 20.00 and 46.00 - for collectors luck.

#10-2008, "EUROPA" - Letter-Mail:

Here I can say just "WOW" - unbelieve, Serbian Post made it well!!!! Great design, great message, great visual contact, in any aspect - well done! Congratulation to Nadezda Skocajic, designer - and people from administration that approved this issue. Issued on May 5, 2008, common topic for this year EUROPA issue around countries, but here is in picture explanation of all mean postal transport, all kind, vehicle, train, diligance, old ship and pigeon - covered all in one beautifful first day cover. I think that this issue will be very valued, because EUROPA issue alone, and specific from this Serbian, that like usually are printed in relatively low quantities (for EUROPA issue I think it will be around 50 000) - how it will fill all need of topical collectors that collect "stamp on stamp", "transportation" and other topic that appear on this issue.

Face value for this two stamp are around 2.00 US$, but - try it from dealer! Minimum that they will ask will be 6.00 US$ for set of two value, without tab - and because this issue are printed in sheet of 8+1 tab on middle, it will reach more $ for set with tab, and according my experience, sheet of 8+1 will cost around 48.00 US$ - I'm just pesimistic and little affraid, that this issue will go like issue from MOntenegro EUROPA from 2005 "Gastronomy" that today have few hundred euros on market.
I wish luck to all with this issue, and hurry to obtain it as soon as possible.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

7-2008 Protected Animal,

8-2008 Eurovision Song Contest,

Eurovision contest are held this year in capital of Serbia, Belgrade, and Serbian Post decided to take advantage of it with this issue, that I privately don't agree - not because it have something wrong in principle, but because if someone decide to celebrate something, or to made one "point" to remember something, I think that existed many more important thing than Eurosong. Yes - this year it is in Belgrade, because last year winner was Serbian team - but again, existed many more other, more important for history of serbian country, than this one.
Issue come on 11 April 2008, with one extreme high face value (by Serbian economic standard), and like I mentioned long time before, someone there like to use lot of color! This one issue also come with too much blue color in use, but overall - it can pass like good. Prices - prices!!!! Face value are too high for ordinary citizen of Serbia, sheet is 3.54 US$ face value and from dealer offer You will find it for double - full 7.50-8.00 US$, for FDC You will need to prepare 9-9.50 US$. Lot in any way - maybe Serbian Post want to be sponsor of this contest?

Protected Animal, issue like every year that Serbian Post made, this one, I can say, are made with great effort, and artist made it well! Four value, with deer, wild cat, badger and boar - made one good selection for issue! Issued on April 7, 2008 - face value are 132.00 Serbian dinar, transfered to $ it is 2.64 US$ for simple set, and what dealer say - full 5.50 US$ for simple set, and set with tab on middle dealer will ask 7.50 US$, more You will need for sheet of 5 set with complete tab intact on middle - for this one combination You will need 27.00 US$, and FDC will cost You (2 cover) will cost You 12.00 US$.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

#6-2008: "Serbian Olympic Tennis Team"

Here we come to one issue, that by my opinion are "more than need" - simply, one serious authority, can not now celebrate one sport team, and other sport team to be left "out" of frame! It is even unfair inside this sport against other sportist that before made same or even better result, or that actually happen, that other from this team have an "personal" problem, because one are on stamp with face value less than other. This set have 5 stamp, with face value of 20.00, 30.00, 30.00, 40.00 and 46.00 dinar, together it is around 3.32 US$, again - Serbian Post made one more "game" with quantity printed - that are around 30-35 000 sets, when we made how much is it in sheetlet of 8+1 tab - 3-3500, too low quantity for one market and topic that are very popular today! Prices are now double on market, mean for set = 6.64 $, sheetlet of 8+1 tab = 53.12 $, and FDC will take from You 18.64 $ for 5 cover.

Stamp have pictures of tennis player, that are in top ATP list, Janko Tipsarevic are on 20.00 din, Nenad Zimonjic are on 30.00 din, Jelena Jankovic is on other 30.00 din, Ana Ivanovic are on 40.00 din, and Novak Dokovic is on higher face value - 46.00 din.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

#3-2008 Easter:
Issued 21 March, 2008 with two stamp in set, like usually, design of Easter Egg, decorated with fresque. Stamp of 20.00 dinar and 46.00 dinar face value, it is somewhere around 1.50 US$, that will be sold at dealer prices almost twice, because of failing value of US$. This issue is well designed, and I can recommanded it to all who collect religious motifs - it will fit well.

100 year of International Swimming Federation, issued on 18 Feb, 2008, single stamp 50.00 din face value - 1.00 US$ - for sure, will cost in shop more than 2.00 US$, because topic and quantity issued, on stamp are Water Polo player in action, with (I don't know why) EU star symbol (?) but maybe author simply put this star without reason - it come in sheet of 8 stamp with tab on middle, that will be more expenses for collector, overall - stamp are nice and FDC come also in good planned design.
XXIX Olympic Game in Beijing 20008, P.R. China - here I can say just "bingo" - Artist made it well! Two stamp, 46.00 dinar and 50.00 dinar - almost 2.00 US$ face value - You will not find it on market for less than 5.00 US$, and it is again issued on 8 stamp + tab on middle format, that will cost You even more, around 50.00 US$ for this sheet of 8+1 - this issue will be really popular and worth in any collection. Desing of stamp come from artist M. A. M. Kalezic, that on one stamp have an picture of tennis player and runners in action - with background of one stamp is Chiness Pagoda, and on second stamp is detail from art - woman. Even that I think - woman on this stamp looklike an "geisha" - but I'm not sure what "Japan" culture have to do with China Olympic - but it is artist decision and view. When talking about FDC - it is really great picture - Stadium, Building, Bird - all three element that fit well!!! Prefer to obtain it as soon as will be available for You - I'm affraid that this issue will have same "trouble" like one issue for football from Serbia and Montenegro, where sheet of 8+1 have an high catalogue value and this one will reach also - because that, it is worth to pay even double price today.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

2008 postage due 1, 2, 3, 4, 5:

It is issued for "Stop to trading with human", really interesting way to fight woman and human traficking, which are today plague, mostly in Kosovo Serbian Authonomy, and other undeveloped countries. But most traficking that supply slaves for west european countries come from Kosovo where UN and other european forces control most of this black market.

Because that I see that Serbia try to rise this topic by issue that have an design of "toy theatre" person handling woman on rope, most is "funny" that on behind of "theatre" are "forest" from US $ banknote (I don't see there euros - why?).

One stamp issued, with face value of 10 Serbian dinar, for sure this stamp will be banned for use on Kosovo teritory, simply, because it will made some "bad feeling" in administration there, too much shame for Kosovo muslim and UN and NATO forces, that also use this "services".

It is also cheap in comparation to other issue, and dealer are asking 0.36 euros for this one stamp. I think it is an really interesting issue and worth to have.

#2: Precise date I don't have, but it is issued to commemorate WWI battle on Solun, it is one simple design, that we know from before, actually it is used on many occasion, mostly on postage dues, using statue from central square in Belgrade. This one have like usually, low face value of 10.00 dinar, it is around 0.20 US$, and dealers will sell it almost little bit more, let's say for 0.30 US$ You will have it in any quantity You need.

#3 and 4: again I don't have an precise date for this issue, but one is from "Week of Red Cross" issue, and second is for "Sveti Sava" Church in Belgrade (Vrachar) - typical like usually by design, with picture of Church Holly Sava and in second stamp is red cross symbol with human face on it.

I can say just common in all respect - nothing that have some "more" on it, and face value are low like need to be when post put hand to poeples pocket, even when it is in humanitarian intention. Both stamp have 10.00 serbian Dinar face value, that are together around 0.40 US$, and dealer will give it maybe 20-30% up of face value.

#5: Like usually at this time, and around this time, Serbian people are again in position (if they want or not - dosn't matter - it is democracy) to support construction of churches around. This one go for Sv. Sava (Vrachar - Belgrade) - not big money in face value, just 0.20 US$ per one, but, if someone in one week need to send 100 mail, it will cost him. Design is "like usually" - nothing more to say.

1-2008 year:

Here we start with first issue, "Art - Paiting" issue for 100 year of birth Pedja Milosavljevic, issue of two value, 20 and 46 Serbian dinar. It start with two work of this author, nice item to be included in every art collection.

Date of issue is February 4, 2008.

Face value in US$ is for set 1.20$, but dealer are asking 2.40$ for set, sheet have 10 stamp and market value are 24.00$ per two sheet of 10, Carte Maxime are also in two pcs and market value are 5.00 $, and for FDC need to be paid also 5.00$.


Not something great issue, but important for all collectors that collect "Archeology" topic, it celebrated 100 year of first systematic archeological excavation in Vinca site.

Neolitic period site, where is discovered most items from this period, and stamp have design of :Lady of Vinca" statue that are discovered there.

Date of issue are Januar 28, 2008. One stamp face value of 20 dinar, and selling for 0.72$, FDC will go for 2.72$.