Sunday, June 28, 2009

Judaica issue from 2008 year:

In my previous pages - I mentioned this issue in "Postage Due 2008", (see page: Postage Due 2009, dated March 13, 2009), and made one "notice" after, when I received some information from my friend in Belgrade. Today, I come across one Auction House in Belgrade, and to my surprise, I see that I was little bit wrong, to classify this stamp in "personalized stamp"!!

But I was very wrong!
Here is description that I see on this Auction Web Page:

Description9.IX.2008. Jewish historical museum in Belgrade and Post of Serbia, have issued a INSTITUTIONAL POSTAL STAMP of 20 din, on which the MENORA is shown, a typical Jewish religious symbol - a seven armed candlestick, carved on roman bricks found at the archaeological site Celarevo. It was determined that a tribe know as Hazars lived there, retreating from the areas of today's South Russia before the warrior nomad tribes. Stamp was printed in circulation of 200 items in sheets of 25 pieces. On same occasion the provisional invitation was printed - in form of postal card in circulation of 100 items. VERY RARE.
Starting price320.00 €

Someone can explain me this? Probably "Judaica" specialist around globe can help me? In most optimistic day, I will never imagine that this stamp, face value of 20.00 Serbian Dinar, will have one starting prices of 320.00 euro!!!
I know that permission is given to print this stamp, and in same Auction Catalogue, I saw one sample where is this stamp used. It was on "Exhibition Invitation Card" that are delivered by post, to some VIP people, but what I see on this card is use of stamp, more like "additional" postage due, or probably (because I don't know postage rate for this kind of mail), it is used in combination with regular postage stamp, that can be mostly true.

Now, in description is stated "Institutional Postal Stamp" - WHAT THAT MEAN in simple philatelist language? Someone know? Probably person that write description, didn't know correct translation, or used some "b-fish" translate service, or I don't know what, but, according my knowledge, "Institutional " mean official - isn't? If it is really official, that mean, major catalogue will include it in, that will have great impact on prices! starting prices of 320.00 euro is really great, also just 200 copy printed is really great - but what about collectors????

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I like Dinar.and its revaluation of currency.