Thursday, October 29, 2009

17-2009 - Train, 125 year of Train in Serbia:
Issued on Sept. 8, 2009 - set of 2 value, face value are 68 Serbian Dinar, that will be some near 1.10 US$, not so big investment for collectors that are specialized in this topic, but if they will wish to have an printing sheet of 10 - they will need to prepare some bonus to pay, because sheetlet are more attractive, and low quantity printed, that Serbia still practice. I think that this issue come with visible "coming down" in artist work effort. It have symptoms of "home work must be done" and compare it with "Orient Express" issue - it is really big difference. FDC have an map on it, that will show us train line from Belgrade to Nish (Nis) - and significance are great - because 125 year of train lane are lot of time and history - many european countries don't have this history of existence - and small Serbia have an train line!

18-2009 - Joy of Europe:
I really don't like it! Good name of issue, and intention also - but let see what is on stamp - it is one drawing of Danah KG, from Unated Arab Emirates. I was always thinking that "Joy of Europe" will serve first local childrens drawing, it in the end show that I'm not correct - what to do, human will learn all the way in life and die stupid - isn't?

I go further, and see that motif on the vignette is Bengkel KKK from Indonesia and also Young Artist Art Centre from Egypt! Oooooo - now it come some suspicion - are Serbian postal Authority handling some "good will" to other (Muslim populated) countries - or local children are less attractive, or perhaps didn't come with quality drawing that will give them place on this issue?

As is - is, one single stamp in issue, face value of 46 dinar, mean some 0.75-0.80 US$, expensive for un not attractive stamp - hope that Serbian Post will use it in regular post franking.

19-2009 - "Golden Pen":
Issued to celebrate 50th Anniversary of the International Exhibition "Golden Pen"! Sept. 21, 2009. And lot of "????????????" - what that mean for human population? I'm reading from FDC back side explanation: "...oldest exhibition of this kind in Europe...". See - I'm also very near of 50 - but I never hear about this exhibition and never know that it is very important for Serbia alone! Design? Not so "big deal" - except that if someone collect "mouse" on stamp, they will have one more in collection - face value also low - just 22.00 dinar - somewhere around 0.34 US$ - tell me who will order it?!
And in the end for this time:
Postage Due 4-2009:
it is two small stamp, for solidarity week, "Red Cross" - children, mother - and total 20.00 dinara face value. Like usually for this items - good intention, I will be glad to know if money collected really reach children in need! Hope that yes!
As today, Jan. 1, 2010,
Postage due 5-2009:

I received next three stamp for this postage sue, and two are self-adhesive stamp, with different face value, but same design like one perforated, and second is for "Beograd 1944-2009" Institute for Culture Monument - Belgrade.