Friday, July 09, 2010

10-2010 Classic Car:
Official name for this issue are "Motoring", that hardly match this topic, I can say that it is just "Classic Car" because 55 year is long enough to mark one car like "classic"! Here is talking about Zastava 750 type, that was once symbol of Yugoslavia advance in technology and industrialization, where this car are made on the base of Fiat 600D type. In Yugoslavia it was one family car! can You imagine it! Family car! I have very problem (at the time when I lived there) to manage driving, and when I was just sitting on the back seat, it was very unpleasant experience - but, I enjoy to travel across Yugoslavia, where I and my friends know to travel more than 2000 km in one way with this small machine. I miss it even today! Final day of this car production was grave - whole factory are sold to Turkey, and final car go down in production some ten or twenty years ago, when "new world order" come to Yugoslavia.

One single stamp issued, FDC and CM follow. Date April 8, 2010 - face value is 0.26 $, affordable and hardly that will reach some big catalog value - quantity printed 128 000, I think, more than need! printing sheet is 25 stamp.

11-2010 Fauna - City Birds:

One nice issue from Serbia, not of great importance, but still nice. Pictured are: Pigeon Highflier (Columba Livia), Great Tit (Parus major), House Sparrow (Passer domesticus), Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros).
In background of each stamp are panorama from cities: Belgrade, church in Krushevac, fortress in Nish and Subotica view. Issued on April 12, 2010, with quantity printed 38 000 sets, printing sheet of 5 with tab on middle of set of 4 - something that made little problem for collectors who want to have set with tab, because it is 5 set with each tab in different way - that made whole picture - You can not separate it if You want to keep picture intact. Face value for set is 1.79 $, but very small quantity printed will made prices go up.

12-2010 Industrialization - Thermo Power Plant:

Hardly that Greenpeace will agree to issue one coal power plant on stamp, but - people think differently! This issue is hardly of some significance, it celebrate 140 year of industrialization of Serbia, this is very questionable! In this period of 140 year, it was Serbia, Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro and finally just Serbia independent - and I will ask, who have credit to say: "We made industrialization"? Nothing worth to mention, simple issue of one stamp, Kostolac view, one of main air pollutant in Serbia! Worth to put it on postage stamp? face value is minimal of 0.26 $, for sure You will obtain it less than face value on exchange basis. Quantity printed standard - 38 000 stamp.

13-2010 Europa - Children's Book:

Here I can say, that Serbia beat all other countries, that made this issue, in design - it is so great, nice, eye-catching, beautiful and in the end - educational! It is made with whole hearth of designer N. Skochajic! All respect to her - and people that made it happen. I saw many issue with this topic, some are neo-advanced, some are simple, some are ugly - but Serbian are best!
Issue on May 5, 2010 - that actually match nature - May months when all nature flower and all come green out there - Serbian Post issue one really good set! I must copy this sequence from FDC: "...The imagination creates a new world over which reign other laws of man (human) and nature...".
Printed quantity is again small - just 60 000 set, I see in Program for 2010 that it was planned set and s/s - but still go out just set (?) - probably someone know what happen? S/S was planned to be printed just in 25 000 pieces - but if didn't occur it must be just because of some "grey" play in! God know, but in the end we will find true!
Face value are not small - set are 1.70 $ - think that You will need in collection set, set with tab and probably sheet of 8 plus tab - than - prepare somewhere between 30-40.00 $ to pay! In scan You can see one FDC officially issued and also one FDC that are private made - for this second You will need to pay much more like official issue!

Postage due 2-2010:

Here I don't have any information about date of issue, but it is "like usually" issue for Red Cross and next one for European Championship in water-polo, that is held in 2010. Small face value of each is 0.11 $. Stamp for water-polo are nicely design, suggest to have it!

Now, I wish to inform other collectors and especially people who collect and specialize in Serbia - I hear some rumors, that there is going some "dirty" game on with Jugomarka Company! Someone informed me that, Jugosmarka are doing business illegally - that they have no licence to issue postage stamp, that they are one-one-know owned by, that they are not registered in legally - and go on reason why it must be closed down! Probably some "smoke" are there, because we see it in difference in Program for 2010 - where have some issue not printed in way described, and again some rumors regarding FIFA Football Championship (see picture of this one cover) - where is planned just one set of 2 stamp, but after FIFA insist, it is added also s/s, planned was printing sheet of 8 stamp plus tab - but I hear that it is printed in sheet of 5 - in the end, someone informed me that whole issue will come late because objection from FIFA (about royalties for use of logo) - let's wait and see what will happen!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Europa 2010 issue:

It come on May 5, 2010, with surprisingly nice design, that I didn't see in many countries. Theme for this year Europa issue are "Book Illustration" that give us lot of space to made one really good issue. To my sorrow, not many countries made it!

At present, I have just this postally used cover FDC with regular and first day issue cancel, it is also "R" mail, with Serbian and Israel bar code, stamp drawing are really great.

What is problematical - it is face value, that have it at 66.00 and 77.00 Serbian Dinar (as today, May 14, 2010, it is 1.81 US$) - no one of it math any postal rate in Serbia, and many people ask what for they made this face nominal? My personal opinion are that it is simply, just to made clear profit, because hardly that this issue will be used in regular mail around country. Probably, will be shortage with low value of 66.00 dinar, because this will be used for mail delivery outside mainland (with additional stamp) and this will result in shortage of same stamp on market.

What made me suspicious about this issue, is that it come out but with difference from originally planned program on the start of year. In program, it is stated that face value will be 33.00 and 66.00 face value dinar, but it come out with 66.00 and 77.00 dinar! Second surprise come, that originally is planed set and s/s - in the end it come without s/s - that give us some suspicion that "game" are in option! Probably on the market we will see also imperforated issue, or issue with other face value that will be claimed like proof or revoked print - let's wait and see.

Topical collectors will have an hard time to obtain this issue, specially that it is printed in 60 000 quantity (from program information) not issued s/s was planed to print in 25 000 quantity. Now if You take in that it can be many topic (flora, fauna, children, Europa) - this will be (60 000 pcs printed) very hard to obtain - I think just first collectors who have direct connection with post of Serbia, and collectors directly inside Serbia, will have issue - but who will "think and wait" - probably will be left without this nice stamp.

Let's made also some math: if it is really 60 000 printed, when divide it with 8 (it is printed in sheet of 8 + 1 tab) we will have 7500 printing sheet issued, and don't forget, that many specialized collectors of this country, will obtain also printing sheet (kleinbogen) in personal collection - with 7500 of it on market, hardly that some will reach post office for regular issue.

Because that, I can ranked this issue in "buy it now" grade!

Monday, April 19, 2010

5-2010 "Olympic Committee of Serbia":

issued on Feb. 23, 2010, with one single stamp issued to celebrate this occasion, one nice jubilee that no many countries around globe have. Design are little bit more "modern" than need - because many "simple" collectors and ordinary people will visually decide about "worth or worth-not" stamp, and this design have number "100" in very "fragile" manner shown! But - probably other people will like it. Like I told, one stamp, face value low, around 0.30 US$, comfortable for any collector with sport topic.

6-2010 "World Expo Shanghai 2010":

Great! you can not see it well here, because I made just 300 dpi scan, but if You need better scan - just ask me, I will send it to You - on sheet of 10 stamp, You can see great detail of design, visual effect, artist work well done - this issue can be in many topic, starting from architecture to art, artist really made "hard work" for this issue! Issued on Feb 26, 2010, to celebrate World Expo in Shanghai, P. R. of China - and it is 110 yr of first Expo presentation of Serbia! Not bad for one small country - You agree? Here we have set of two stamp, face value of 1.05 US$ also affordable for collectors worldwide - yes, dealer will ask more, even more for sheet of 10 stamp - but, it is just for specialized collectors, who will need more that 20.00$ to buy this sheet of 10. I think - it is worth!

7-2010 "Frederic Chopin":

200 yr of birth, famous, great, and here it stop - what he have common with Serbia? Nothing - but, philately will ask to do it - I, in principle agree - but not "must be" for one country to issue it. Let's see which mistake existed on back of FDC - there is one explanation, that this great man are born in Poland and after that come statement that this first western composer to incorporate Slavic element!!?? Let's be nice - if he is born in Poland, he can not be western composer - he can be just and just eastern composer, say what You want - fact is fact. Single stamp, face value 0.68$ - affordable, but dealer will take more!

8-2010 "Easter":

I like it - every single year they show us nice stamp and nice topic, that fit in "fresque" or "icon" topic. Two stamp in set, nice design, nice work - keep it in collection! face value at 0.93 $ - probably not for investment, but for collection is worth. Issued on March 2, 2010 - hope that Serbian Post will continue with nice design.

9-2010 "160 yr Military academy":

Again one good celebration, not just good but important! Design can fit to "Flag on Stamp", "Coat of Arms", not bad at all design! One stamp, face value of 0.30 $ affordable - I think that it will never reach "important" status in catalogue - but will fit in any serious collection! date of issue is March 18, 2010.

Postage Due 2-2010:

Here I can not say lot, just that it is "Anti-Cancer", like usually every year - no date of issue, and hardly that dealer will give You without 0.50$.

Now I need to go - today is Independence Day of Israel (April 19, 2010 - 62 year of Israel) - and out is great celebration - children will like it and go for joy!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Start of 2010:

We will start this year with issue:

NIN Journal, issued Jan 26, 2010, with one single stamp, celebrating 75 year of this weekly magazine. When I lived there in Yugoslavia, it was my favorite journal, because of hios neutral nature, and good journalist work done. It rise from begining with only 50 000 copy and on hight of history it come to 150 000 copy distributed. This single stamp have low face value, just around 0.30 $, but You will pay nearly 10% premium to obtain it from dealer - not "big deal" at all. Quantity printed are still "in frame" for country of around 6 mil. - it is 38 000 copy, that will be, probably, distributed around post branches for franking mail - hardly that collectors will "run" for it, because topic are less attractive.

China New Year (Year of Tiger), that are issued on Jan 27, 2010 - follow many country that celebrate this occasion - with, by my opinion, little bit "more than need" use of color - it nearly "hide" main topic (tiger) from space of stamp! Issue have set of 2 stamp, and even that I expected also to be with sheet - it didn't happen. Printed just set, in printing sheet of 25, face value around 1.01 $ - for this issue - enough money to spend. When talk about quantity, they made progress and printed 78 000 sets, probably thinking for more need on collectors side, because of topic that are popular around globe.

Nature Protection, like usually for every year - this issue didn't come like surprise. probably surprise are format printed, where we have same stamp in set, sheet and sheetlet of 8+1 tab, that will just ask more investment from collectors. I don't think that You will find it in use on regular mail, also because topic and also because face value that are around 1.86 $. Quantity printed are little bit in disproportion, because 22 din face value are printed in 528 000 copy, and second value just 78 000 copy, sheet is just 38 000 copy - how it will result on market is unknown, but I think that no impact will be seen!

Winter Olympic, Vancouver - Issued on Feb 12, 2010, to celebrate this occasion - nice design, but Olympic emblem really didn't fit at all, but it is not in "hand" of stamp designer, who made good job with this issue. Simple set of 2 value, valued at 1.05 $ - to obtain sheetlet of 8+1 tab I will suggest to all collectors - simple, it is nice to have it in any album, and will worth after year-two, around 25.00 euro in Michel catalogue. Quantity are again 528 000 for 22 din value, and just 78 000 for 50 din value.

Postage Due 1-2010:
Two stamp this time, one for "Street to Children" and second "Roof for Refugee" - in minimal face value of 0.13$ per one - date of issue I don't have in evidence but I see on stamp, that "Street for Children" come from 2009 year, and "Roof for Refugee" are from 2010 year.

Friday, January 01, 2010

End of 2009 year:
FINA Water Polo Champ, issued on Oct 10, 2009, held in Rome this year, where Serbian national team take gold medal, issued one single stamp, with face value around 0.68 US$, but hardly that You will buy it from dealer for less than 1.50 US$, not because it is rare or something else, but because other expenses that dealer have. By exchange, You will have it for face value. Design is common for this topic, and I don't see any other possibility to made this stamp look better - simple as can be.
FINA World Champ - Golden Medal, issued same day like Water Polo, but this one come to 2 value in set, celebrating Nadja Higl - Golden medal winner, and european record in 200 meter breaststroke, second value is for Milorad Cavic - also golden medal winner. face value for this two value are low, some 1.37 US$, but again, dealer will sell it for 2.50-3.00 US$, depending on quantity and option, because this set is printed in sheetlet of 8+1 tab, that for sheetlet (kleinbogen) You0 will pay premium, also set with tab will take more money.
Stamp day, Michel Catalogue. Issued on Oct. 23, 2009, to mark 100 year of Michel catalogue, "reliable adviser for collectors" - I like this definition for catalogue any kind. Single stamp, with portrait of Hugo Michel, and cover issue of first edition, FDC are well arranged with photo of Michel catalogue 2009 edition and catalogue page for Serbia 1866 issue. If it is not stamp, I will say - good advertising label - not more than that. Face value is standard 46.00 SD, around 0.68 US$ - nice for collector of stamp on stamp, personalities.
Museum Exhibit - "Dinosaurs of Argentina - Giants of Patagonia", issued on Nov. 9, 2009, set of 2 value, face value some 1.01 US$, but here prepare to pay it twice face value to any dealer around, design are one of better for this year, and FDC are well made with good drawing of dinosaur Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis, and Giganotosaurus carolinii. CM are same good design and worth to obtain now, because with time this set can cause shortage on market. Printing sheet of 9+1 tab, will be even more hard to obtain, because serbian Post still keep low quantity printed.
Christmas - Like usually, religious motifs, that I agree with! Many countries around globe, made childrens drawing to celebrate this holiday, but - it is religious holiday, and I thing, that most appropriate will be to issue same religious motifs on any stamp with this topic. This time, Serbian post decided to show us fresque from Krusedol monastery, which have great 500 yr of existence - can You imagine it - 500 great year, not every country can say it! Almost every foreign army that occupied Serbia made some kind of destruction for this monastery, but it rise again and again from down. Set have two value, with each show us one fresque. 22 RSD is "Christ's Birth" from 1749 yr, and second 46 RSD is "Epiphany" from same 1749 yr. By my opinion, great work on original fresque, but hard work for stamp designer - because of dimension of original picture/fresque - to put it on stamp, almost impossible to show us beauty of it. Face value for this two stamp are also 1.02 US$, nothing big for collectors of this topic.