Friday, May 14, 2010

Europa 2010 issue:

It come on May 5, 2010, with surprisingly nice design, that I didn't see in many countries. Theme for this year Europa issue are "Book Illustration" that give us lot of space to made one really good issue. To my sorrow, not many countries made it!

At present, I have just this postally used cover FDC with regular and first day issue cancel, it is also "R" mail, with Serbian and Israel bar code, stamp drawing are really great.

What is problematical - it is face value, that have it at 66.00 and 77.00 Serbian Dinar (as today, May 14, 2010, it is 1.81 US$) - no one of it math any postal rate in Serbia, and many people ask what for they made this face nominal? My personal opinion are that it is simply, just to made clear profit, because hardly that this issue will be used in regular mail around country. Probably, will be shortage with low value of 66.00 dinar, because this will be used for mail delivery outside mainland (with additional stamp) and this will result in shortage of same stamp on market.

What made me suspicious about this issue, is that it come out but with difference from originally planned program on the start of year. In program, it is stated that face value will be 33.00 and 66.00 face value dinar, but it come out with 66.00 and 77.00 dinar! Second surprise come, that originally is planed set and s/s - in the end it come without s/s - that give us some suspicion that "game" are in option! Probably on the market we will see also imperforated issue, or issue with other face value that will be claimed like proof or revoked print - let's wait and see.

Topical collectors will have an hard time to obtain this issue, specially that it is printed in 60 000 quantity (from program information) not issued s/s was planed to print in 25 000 quantity. Now if You take in that it can be many topic (flora, fauna, children, Europa) - this will be (60 000 pcs printed) very hard to obtain - I think just first collectors who have direct connection with post of Serbia, and collectors directly inside Serbia, will have issue - but who will "think and wait" - probably will be left without this nice stamp.

Let's made also some math: if it is really 60 000 printed, when divide it with 8 (it is printed in sheet of 8 + 1 tab) we will have 7500 printing sheet issued, and don't forget, that many specialized collectors of this country, will obtain also printing sheet (kleinbogen) in personal collection - with 7500 of it on market, hardly that some will reach post office for regular issue.

Because that, I can ranked this issue in "buy it now" grade!

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