Friday, June 29, 2012

7-2012 and continue:

7-2012 Science:
Issued March 30, 2012, with three stamp in set celebrating 75 yr Fine Art Academy, 75 yr Music Academy and 150 yr Gymnasium in Pozarevac city.

All three stamp in set are printed in very low quantity of 25 000 - for this really nice set, I think not enough for all collectors that collect topic! Probably You will need some more effort to have it in collection. Prices are not so big deal at market, some 2+ $ per set, but sheet of 10, will cost You little premium - probably 23-25.00 $ - in any way - nice set.

8-2012 Joint issue with Slovakia:
That go out on April 12, 2012, to be fair - one of worst design, or "idea" that Serbian Post made in last period.

I understand significance of mentioning one artist like Jan Konjarek, but it can be done in other way. To make joint issue between two countries with very similar folk, existed many another "dual" thing that can be placed on stamp, and mark this event. But, probably someone don't think like me.

Single stamp issued, Market will ask for it somewhere between 1.00 to 1.25 $ for each. Again same low quantity printed, 25 000 - that will result in shortage of it on option if You will seek for stamp with gutter.

9-2012 Belgrade Marathon:
It happened for 25 time - year, nice event, more or less good design, low face value that will be also well available on market, because it is printed in 50 000 quantity.
Come to market on April 21, 2012.

10-2012 Reptiles - Fauna:
Snake, lizard and turtle world! Attractive, again with gutter between, that will make You trouble if You wish to have all complete picture from gutter. You will need all 5 sets to complete it. And not so cheap ! Complete set will take from You some 4-5.00 $!!!! Quantity printed are 65 000 for all stamp in set - it is 13 000 sheetlet of 5 set in, I think that "shortage" will not occur for this set, but market prices will probably just rise! Come to market on May 21, 2012.

11-2012 EUROPA issue:
Well made presentation of Serbia! Wish that they print it in huge quantity, that every mail from Serbia have one stamp on it - and this way to promote places that are worth to visit!

Yes - nice, and popular topic resulted in large quantity printed - 100 000, which will, probably turn down market value. Because that, again probably, Serbia Post printed it in high face value of 77.00 and 44.00 dinar. At the moment, I see that market is valuing it on around 2.50 $ per set. But again here we have sheetlet of 8 with gutter on middle - which will made (again) extra expenses if You need it with gutter. 
Go out to market on May 30, 2012.

Postage Due 2-2012:
Like usually, one for Sv. Sava Church in Belgrade, and second for Para Olympic team! Good gesture if You wish to "donate" some money for this nice cause! But, You must to understand, that catalog will valued it minimum, and on market it will be not so frequent in offering - because that prepare extra effort to find in in mint or used condition, and also some 1.00 $ per sample.