Monday, August 26, 2013

8-2013 and continue

8-2013 "Nature Protection":

To be fair, this time, Serbian Post made it low! This issue (and probably all next 4), quality and "style" of design come back to low quality work done by people who are involved in deciding and design of postage stamp in this country.
Probably it is wave of political influence? To reinstall "old" connected artist in this field? I don't know, but we see it in this issue, where design go to the point of, say, some low-budget USA Science Fiction movie!
If not FDC that have one "middle" quality art work, I will say for this issue, total collapse!
But as is, issue come out on May 13, 2013, two stamp in set, with face value running little bit over $ (1.12 US$). Good to include it to the "Cave" topic, and it is all. You will be able, to buy it from any local dealer near or at, face value I think.

9-2013 "Actors":

It is same design over and over, it start to be boring in the end, and design is so - say, "without taste", we see that is missing simple imagination in this work. Nothing that will attract collectors that will run after this issue - no, sorry, can not pass even to the "fundamental school" home work.
Like before, again, issue come on 8 stamp and gutter on middle. On market at May 24, 2013. Face value of full set is not low (taking in account that salary in serbia are near same like in China), it is 2.10 US$ per set, think that people will buy?

10-2013 "Cuba - Serbia diplomatic ties":

Issued on May 29, 2013, to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic ties. Here we see some improvement in design of Mr Vlahovic who made some effort to show us some elements of this diplomatic ties between two republics, with showing us flags of both countries, and parliament building in both capital. Close exam, made me little "point finger on my head" and ask, "Why sky over Cuba building is bright, and sky over Serbian building come to 'before rain' situation"? Some intrigue? Conspiracy? Message? 
Single stamp, issued, face value little over half $ (0.55 US$), overall nice issue, that can be put in few topic slike "Flags", "Capitals", "Buildings" - in principle - not bad to have it.

11-2013 "Orchids":

If someone will say "Wow" - I will calm him down! Far from design that "Orchids" deserve! We can not compare it with countries that are "native to orchids" and know how to made stamp look great and sell great, but little element, that make Orchids Orchids must be! And in this issue we are missing this small precise elements! Really sorry - but it is that!
Issue come on June 14, 2013, in printing sheet of 5 set with gutter on middle, with "old" combination, that you will need to buy full sheet if You want to have this gutter in one picture! Four stamp in set, with face value of 2.00 US$ - not low, but if You take in account that You want full sheet - it come high, and local supplier will take additional 20-30% over face value, which will lead You to some 14.00 to 16.00 US$ from dealer in Serbia. Yes, You will pay postage fee, payment fee, but in the end, not too expensive for sheet of 5.

Postage Due 2-2013 "Red Cross":

Typical issue of "Red Cross" that we know from this country, no new design - probably someone there thinks that no need for it!
Hardly that local dealer will sell it less than 1.00 US$ per stamp, but try and You will see.

Friday, June 21, 2013

2-1013 and up

2-2013 "Museum":

Issued on 20/II/2013 under name of "Museum Exhibits" of 50 year of the Historical Museum of Serbia.
I'm glad that Serbian Post still keep very good design on almost all issues. This one have motif of "The Gospel of King Aleksandar Obrenovic" and second stamp is with "the Crown of King Petar I Karadjordjevic", few really valuable items in Museum!

Two stamp in set, that is not so high face value (near 1.00 $), but - because popularity of this topic, it will have good standing on market, and what I see as now, it is asking prices of 1.81 $ per set of 2. Just if You will want also sheet of 9+gutter, prepare much-much more.

3-2013 "Easter":

like usually, religious motif, that come from frescoes (icons) of monastery church Most Holy Theotokos, in Sicevo Gorge, near city of Nis (Nish). 
If You examine it more patiently, you will find one really masterpiece of this Icon, and design of FDC is even more better - together, it will fit every serious collection!
Set of two value, affordable face value, and probably on market will go for around 1.60 $, per set.
Issued on 1/III/2013.

4-2013 "Art - Musicians":

I don't know why, but I still don't like this design! Serbian Post have same design in this "opus" for long time, and - even that comparing it with other countries, is not good, I must to say, that it is designed far away of quality that China made for Beethoven issue!

Here we come with issue from 4/III/2013, three value in set with portrait of Richard Wagner (1813-1883), Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) and local one Oskar Danon (1913-2009).

This set can be included also in "Judaica" Topical collection, because Oskar Danon (Jew), but also in "personalities", "music on stamp" and some more.

Face value for this set is more of 1.33$, and on market will probably reach some 2-3.00 $ per set.

5-20013 "History":

Simple to say: "GREAT"! Starting year with good issue are very commendable! 
What they celebrate? 1700 years of Edict of Milan!
Most people (and pupils) around world  will ask: "...what f*****g 1700 year?"!
Nothing that need to be forgotten!!!!!

At this time but "...this edict made Christian religion equal with other religions in the area of Empire, and condition were acquired so few decades later...".

Bad to know? Probably not!
Set of one single stamp and one m/s, isse come out at the 4/IV/2013, face value very near of 2.00 $, market have it from start on 3.81 $, and not so available around.
M/S will go to topic of "maps, compass, Italy, adriatic, seal/signet"  and design of FDC of stamp are one masterpiece!

6-2013 "Red Cross 150 year":

Issue come out on 8/V/2013, single stamp, design that didn't impress me at all, I can say "poor", missing idea or what, I don't know.
Important to remember, yes, but it have feeling like "homework for first class pupils" - but, because topic, will have good rating in market - nothing more than that!

Single stamp with face value less than $, will be offered for around 1.50-1.80 $, just sheet of 9+gutter can little bit improve low grade for design!

7-2013 "EUROPA":

I don't know why, all countries around have same yellow color in use! Reason that most Postal Company, use yellow to paint all car and offices are not enough valid to "paint" also postage stamp in yellow filter!

Marking for this issue? Poor! Not bad, but just poor!
Two stamp like usually in EUROPA topic, with high face value of more than 1.80 $, where market will ask of 3.50-3.90 $ per set (which is still affordable). Sheet of 8+gutter little bit improve overall impression.
Date of issue is 9/V/2013 - can be included in "Car", "Citroen" and it is all what I can say!

Postage Due 1-2013:

Like usually, small dimension, and continuing with design from previous years, of "Avala" Tower (rebuild after NATO bombed it and torn down to the ground), "City", "PC", "Museum" and last is for "Anti-Cancer".
No FDC issued here, and no date of issue available yet!
On market, it will be minimum asking price of 1.00 $ per any single!

By way, to promote some organization where I'm an member with good standing for long time, and which made good progress in reaching collectors with better service. 
There I also list some material/items from my stock, which can be purchased there, in the same way, You help financially same organization. 
I talk about "American Topical Association" with new on-line sales page:

Friday, March 01, 2013

Serbia - start 2013

1-2013 "Lunar Horoscope - Year of the Snake":

Serbian Post start 2013 year with good starting pole. Let's hope that they will continue and surprise us with more than this first nice issue! I go around web, and can not say that many countries made such nice design, just what is missing, is m/s or if not, at least, one printing sheet of 10, instead it come out in "simple" two stamp set, with face value of 68.00 dinar (less than 1.00 $), but because of "hot topic" around, be prepared to pay much more than that - somewhere between 1.60-1.80 US$ per set of 2 stamp.

Very nice design, "Snake" and "Horoscope", made by (again) Boban Savic M.A. who deserve congratulation from public!

I like it well, and suggest to all - "Must Have It"!

On market from Feb. 8, 2013.

Serbia 2012 - till end of year:

15-2012 "Literature - Authors":

Issued on Sept. 3, 2012. Set of 3 stamp, with: Vojislav Ilic (1862-1894), Janko Veselinovic (1862-1905) and Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic (1787-1864). Three "pillar" of Serbian literature that really deserve to be celebrated on postage stamp!

If we are looking on design alone, it can not be classified like "great", better say it is just "ordinary" design, with portrait of all three persons, and in background of stamp is home of each, where they are born (except one, probably no archive picture of his home). 

Face value of this issue are not so "small" (by local standard), it is over one US$ per set, but because still "small" printing quantity that Serbian Post made, it can rise on market to 2.50-3.00 US$ per set, on market.

16-2012 "Museum Exhibit":

Come out on Sept. 27, 2012. One set of two stamp, with, I can say, average design. One stamp are "simple" design (bronze statue), but second stamp with "saber" are much better shown.
Face value again around 1.00 $ - will be available on market - You don't need to worry, probably someone will have it on exchange base, and not more than 1.50-2.00 US$ on market!

17-2012 "Joy of Europe":

Every single year, one issue with this topic/name. But, I have an wish to scream! ENOUGH! Or continue, but take some another, better design! I understand that it need to be some kind of  "award" to the children, or some kind of "kick" or "mood" to give young people in Serbia, but it can be done with other, much better designed issues!
Out on market on Oct. 10, 2012. Single stamp, with 46.00 dinar face value (around half $), for sure You can have it somewhere on exchange base, and on market slightly over face value (1.00 $).

18-2012 "Battle of Kumanovo":

One very important battle in Serbian history, where Serbian Army victory over Ottoman Army give one "New World Order" (like some people used to say). Set of two stamp, Oct. 24, 2012, portrait of four great persons in Serbia: gen. Radomir Putnik, Stepa Stepanovic, colonel Zivojin Misic, regent Aleksandar Karadjordjevic
Stamp of 22.00 din, are well made, and second stamp with painting of Paja Jovanovic - Osveta Kosova (1913), are less attractive, because it is reproduction of original painting, too many detail on one small stamp! 
Face value of 76.00 dinar, will give You very affordable price to obtain set, that can be selected to few topic in stamp collecting.
Market value? Not more than 1.85-1.90 US$ per set.

19-2012 "Stamp day":

To shout? Not bad at all - but not for stamp design alone, but for FDC and CM - it is made perfectly!
One single stamp in this issue, with "building, stamp on stamp, architecture" topic, and on FDC and CM - great issue of first m/s  of  Yugoslavia!!!! 
face value really-really low, just 22.00 dinar (0.25 $), but because popularity, hardly that You will have it less than 0.55 US$ per stamp.

20-2012 "Christmas":

Again one disappointment with this design. "Dark", small element, I don't know, not something that will "catch" Your eye. But - probably other people will like it.
Two stamp in set, 68.00 din face value (0.88 US$), affordable for sure. 
On both stamps are icons from iconography/master Dimitrije Bacevic.
because of topic, probably You will need to pay slightly more than face value, but not more than 1.63 US$ per set of two. Come to the market on Nov. 1, 2012.

21-2012 "Common Issue":

I don't have precise date of issue of this 3 stamp, but it is just "common" design, with three stamp in set,  face value are very low, 10.00, 11.00 and 50.00 dinar at all - which give You less that 1.00 $ for it. Nothing to "run after", there is "digital TV", "for displaced people" and "museum items" there, but because small dimension of stamp, it give feeling of "not important" status.
You will find it easy in exchange corner with someone, and on market will be plenty available under 1.50 $.

22-2012 "Airplane - Serbian Air Force":

Finally one eye catching issue! Great in all aspect! Come on market on Dec. 24, 2012, set of 6 values, high face value of 231.00 dinar per set! (near 3.00 $), but worth to have it!
See just "art work" of Boban Savic M. A. - it give You "wish" to grab this issue at the spot!
Issued in booklet form, but sold in separate from booklet cover, which make You cry!
There is picture of balloon "Serbia", airplane "Ikarus S-49", "Fizir FN", "Soko-Jastreb", "Rogozharski IK-3", "Lasta 95". 
For sure, You will like it, and try to obtain it as soon as possible, because prices can just go up, I think till 8.50-11.00 US$ per booklet (cover included).