Friday, June 19, 2015

5-2015 continuing:

5-2015 EUROPA:

Must to mention, that quality pf printing improve greatly as printing company shifted from FORUM to ZIM. It is more "eye catching" and more higher resolution, so we see it on quality of stamp!

So, 5-2015 come as many country go with "Old Toys" name,  Serbia is showing us nice design, but (my opinion) little bit "naive" - nothing terrible, as we know that this topic is not so "wide" in range.
Issue come to market on April 16, 2015, in set of two stamp, face value around 1.50 $ per set, but keep an eye on FDC, as it can reach on market more than 6.50 $.

6-2015 2nd Serbian Uprising:

Important history for Serbian people, as this uprising give whole Serbia new dimension in managing own country, still occupied by Turk, and for sure, deserve to be on postage stamp.
One sheet of two stamp, showing us some detail of happening alone, place where it happen, leader, coat of arms... design little bit too "dark" as probably to show us that this past, was not so "bright" in Serbian history, because of lot causalities. This two stamp have little bit high face value of 2.05 US$ and as printing quantity are low (30 000), this resulted in high price tag for FDC (near 8.00 $ that dealers ask), I will suggest to wait little bit with purchase.

7-2015 Science/Personalities:

Nice set, even that it show us personality of Serbian science, set of two stamp, one is showing us portrait of Jovan Cvijic (1865-1927),  Serbian Geographic Society, and others. Second stamp is for Dr Acim Medovic (Dr Joachim Medowic, Poland) (1815-1893), Medicine was his field! 
Issue come to market on May 8, 2015, as set of two in m/s, face value low 0.90 $, so sheet of 8 and gutter will be nice to have in collection.

8-2015 ITU (International Telecommunication Union):

This topic have an nice popularity, as I see also one article in Linn's Stamp News, so, 150 years of In't Telecommunication is not small things! Serbia made it with very good design, of one stamp, showing us symbol of ITU, 150, 1865-2015, and main point in design is AVALA Tower on hill near Belgrade!
Some politician will be not so happy to see this tower on postage stamps, as we know that in near past, this tower was bombed till didn't fall down, and it took some few days for "great machine" of biggest army in this world to destroy it! But, as almost every person, who have Yugoslavian root, all nationalities around, connected with Yugoslavia, donated money, and tower rises again, better, nicer, higher!
Suggest to all - grab it as chance arrive to have it! It is low face value 0.70 $ great design, sheet of 8+gutter are very affordable, so go after it!
Issue come out on May 15, 2015!

9-2015 Native Fruit of Serbia:

This is great, really great design! I saw some from other countries, this year, it is popular, but no one as this! here we have artist in work, giving us "feeling" that this fruit is here, in front of our eye!
Set of 4 stamp, gutter between two stamp, but You will need one printing sheet of 5 sets to have complete picture of gutter between two stamp, which is almost "must be" if You want to have complete collection. 
What is on each stamp: Plum - The Early Bird (Prunus Domestica L.), Pear - The Karaman (Pyrus communis L), Quince (Cydonia oblongaMill.), Apple - The Budim (Malus sylvestris L).
I will tell You, as I lived there - this is great fruit to taste in the world!
This set of four is very affordable, as face value reach 1.60 $, and FDC is one "classic" style!
Issue come out on may 27, 2015.

10-2015 Nature Protection:

So here come "problem" for collectors of topical! Why? Because designer and Serbian Post Company, decided to made one issue with few topic as: Nature, Train, Flora, Trees.... so, collectors will need quantity to be available, but as quantity printed by Serbian Post Company range around 
30 000, this issue will be missing in many collections!
Set of 2 stamps, face value that go to near 1.00 $ per set, but real/market value will increase to double as quantity will be short for all!
Sheet of 8+gutter, great in design, showing us animals around forest in Serbia.
Suggest to obtain it as fast as You can!
Issue come to market on May 20, 2015.