Friday, August 05, 2016

2016 continuing 6-2016 and up:

6-2016 "Science":

This issue come to market on April 13, 2016, with two stamps in set.
There is one value with "50 years Mathematical Grammar School - Belgrade" and second with "225 years of Gymnasium Sremski Karlovci"!

One very good design and high importance topic, as education is still priority in national pride!
Cancel is really clever, with OWL in middle as symbol for wisdom - so, for topical collectors it will be item of "must to have".

7-2016 "Fauna":

Issued on April 27, 2016, set of 4 values, and in usual format of 5 sets, with gutter on middle that form one complete picture. I personally don't like this format, as it made just "problems" for collectors (additional album page, hinges, space in album, money spend) but, it is nice looking - isn't?

As is, is! Here we have shown European Beaver (Castor fiber L, 1758), Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca Savigny, 1809), The Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus, Hablizl, 1783), and The European Otter (Lutra lutra, L, 1758). 

8-2016 "EUROPA":

Issued on may 9, 2016, set of two value. 
To be fair, I really don't like this year design in all of this EUROPA issues, but on this Serbian one, Post of Serbia made one nice "funny" detail on overall picture, so it can have one "satisfactory" level.

9-2016 "Nature Protection":

Issued on May 26, 2016. Set of two value - as usually, showing us Nature around Serbia.
This time it is Nature Reserve in Pester, and Kucaj-Beljanica mountain. 
Nice made, even that printing quality or design still missed color variety, and as this is panoramic view, we will hardly notice there (on stamp) shown sheep and one flower (which I admire well) - Snowdrop !

10-2016 "Stamp Day":

Out on market on Jun 7, 2016. As usually, "Stamps on Stamps" topic!
Nice design showing us first issues of Serbia!
Sheet composition little bit strange and unusual as it is of 16 stamps, but as it is low face value, than it is also affordable!

11-2016 "Olympic Rio":

Issued same day as previous issue, Jun 7, 2016, and mu opinion is DISASTER!
I have one principle, and it is: "If You don't know how to made it - better not made it at all"!

This kind of "modern art" design I really don't like, but other people - other taste! So, set of two values and next one m/s will take from Your pocket some 5-6 US$, and if You specialize in Olympic issues, than You will need it!

12-2016 "Tesla Patent - Transformer":

On market Jun 26, 2016, with little bit "strange" choice of portrait of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), just on label/gutter we see this great scientist recognizable portrait!
His proto-type are shown, so with his portrait we have one nice issue!

Postage Due 2-2016:

Two stamps, as usually in very low value, of 10 dinar, but IF You will find any dealer that have it in stock - You will be lucky one!
All of catalog will value it low as 0.25 $, but when searching to buy it, You will have difficulty! There is almost no one that have it in stock, and who have it, will ask for minimum of 1$ per sample!
One stamps is for St. Sava Church in Belgrade and second is for Olympic in Rio.
This Olympic come under motto "The medal is won by heart",  probably allusion to doping scandals we have in sport.

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