Saturday, November 04, 2017

9-2017 and up

9-2017 "Cities of Serbia":

Set of three stamps, dated April 13, 2017, will show us three of it. 
Capital of Serbia - Belgrade,
Capital of Serbian Autonomy of Vojvodina - Novi Sad,
Regional city of Nis.
I think, that this set are very good by design, where main element of city are shown in very clear way. (MA Boban Savic, academic painter)
Three stamps, each with under $ face value, will make one very nice item in any collection, as it is represented by few topic in Philately, as History, Architecture, and on FDC and CM even much better visible are fortress of this cities.

10-2017 "Belgrade Marathon":

Single stamp issued on April 21, 2017. Very low face value of 0.23 $, but also in no so very attractive design. On stamp we see runner, bridge of Belgrade, great church of S. Sava and Kalemegdan fortress. 
Belgrade marathon is held for the last thirteen years, and known around world as one of "must be".

11-2017 "Flora":

What to say? Just one really GREAT issue by design! This time, artist (Miroslav Nikolic), made it PERFECT! Clearly visible element of any fruit shown (Pear, Plum, Apple, Walnut), than in very fine balanced colors, You will have feeling that it is almost natural! Sheet composition is as usually, 5 sets in sheet, with gutter on middle of sheet. Face value for set of four are affordable 2.00 $ per set, but in this sheet composition You will need little bit more than 12.00 $ per sheet. Date of issue are April 24, 2017, in full Spring time!
Highly recommended to any collectors of Fauna.

12-2017 "Serbian Literary Cooperative":

One stamp, issued April 28, 2017. celebrating 125 years of this Cooperative, with very nice design. As I'm printing plant technician by profession, I like this initials used on design. Really nice to see also information talking about this Cooperative, which was established in 1892 year.

13-2017 "EUROPA":

As usually, on beginning of May, every year, come to market EUROPA issues. This year, topic was CASTLES, and Serbia made choice of two. One come from city of Smederevo, and second come from Maglič. Even on FDC we have shown one from Monastery Resava. One really complete composition, to show us beauty of Serbia. 
face value are little bit high, for two stamps You will need 1.80 $, and if You chose sheet of eight with gutter on middle, that will cost You more than 22.00 $, so, find best deal with Your stamp dealer, who can make (probably) some better deals than You have on web auctions or eBay.