Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 continuing...

Just few issues that come to my store right now:

14-2014 "Science":

This issue come of two stamp, face value is relatively low, 1.00 $ per set, because recent downing of local currency, but as we search web acution/s, it can reach even 2.00 euro per set of two, and sheet of 10 much-much more!

Stamp come out to market on Oct. 8, 2014. celebrating two Serbian scientist, one is Josif Pancic and second Petar Stevanovic. one is Florist and second Geologist. Printing quality really well done! Printing done by ZIN Company, one shifting from FORUM Company, and visible improvement in quality.

15-2014 "Christmas":

As usually, at this time of every year, Christmas stamp coming to the public. Oct. 17, 2014, with two stamp in set, again low face value of 1.00 $ per set, but again low quantity printed, which resulted in very high market prices that can reach more than 2.20 euro per set.
On stamp You have Fresque/Icons from Monastery Zhicha. Nice designed, and FDC just little bit improve overall feeling.

16-2014 "Liberation of Belgrade":

One very important event in Serbian, and not just Serbian, but Yugoslavia and Europe, Balkan and World , history! There was occupation in WWII, Germans, Italians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Albanian, all coming to occupy Yugoslavia! Killing and destruction all around!
Happened that Belgrade (capital city of Yugoslavia, and today Serbia) was on the target from all sides! Last forces that bombed Belgrade come from very "friendly" countries in WWI, tragedy alone, but NATO didn't care at all!
To liberate Belgrade in WWII, Yugoslavian Army lost 2950 fighters, and Soviet Union lost 960, can You imagine which forces of killing was there?
Germans Army, that departed from Greece, lost some 17 000 soldiers, just in Battle of Belgrade, this facts show us how important this event is also today!
For this anniversary, small Serbia made one parade, inviting all leaders to come, but (probably of shame?) no one from "friendly" NATO countries arrived, just Russian President Putin made it to Belgrade!
Stamp come out to the market on Oct. 20, 2014, with one interesting format of two stamp in sheet, one (lower value) stamp show us bombed Belgrade in WWII, and second (highest value) is today's Belgrade, as modern, rebuilt open city! I was there before two year, and can just recommended it to the all readers: INCLUDE this city to Your traveling destination!
Again quantity are very low, which resulted that market price come around 4.50 euro per one, even that face value are also not small (2.30 $). I think, that this m/s will be hard to find!

Update from "Filatelisticki Glasnik, #9, Dec. 2014):

from editorial part (page 4), author made really great comment on this issue, which explain us some fact about, as design on this m/s because on m/s we see modern part of Belgrade (on right side of m/s) and ruins of Belgrade (on left side of m/s)!
Left side actually show us ruins of buildings in Belgrade, from WWII, but from 1941 (WWII - bombing of Yugoslavia), that mean, no connection between "Liberation of Belgrade" (by Red Army of Soviet Union 1944) - and most of problematic detail is that face value of 50.00 Serbian Dinar, didn't math any post tariff in or out from Serbia!

17-2014 "Children's Stamp - Fairy Tales":

I still didn't received FDC of this issue, but can ask Serbian Post: "What was need for this experiment"?
Not attractive issue at all, even that topic are attractive, many collectors will need it in collection, but there is plenty of better design option! Four stamp in set, in usual format of 8 stamp + gutter on middle, face value not so small, and market go wild - 3.62 euro per set, which is caused by low quantity printed and format composition. Just really addict collector will have it in collection under "Fauna" topic - probably!

3-2014 Postage Due:

Every year, there is Postage due obligated on all mail delivery in one week period. This one is under name "Children's Week", and have one nice motto: 
"Every Children with happy face, one family keeps"!
(Serbian: "Svako dete srecnog lica, cuva jedna porodica")
Nice intention, nice education way, to remind us (parents) about our obligation we have!
Keep for single stamp, on market, 1.00 $, even that it is face value just 0.11 $.

Friday, October 24, 2014

2014: third shipment of year

As year come near end, one (third) shipment arrived from Serbian Post, interesting topic on issues as: "Cat", "Religion", "Persons", "Stamps on Stamps", "Coat of Arms"...

10-2014 "Joy of Europe":

How much it can be "Joy" at this turbulent days, here we have next one on same title "Joy of Europe" as come every year. It is under "Children Painting" group.
One stamp issue, Sept. 2, 2014. I can say just "ugly" as can be, (but it is rude to say!) even that it is made by children! I understand that it is some kind of cat, and that child who made it come from India, but....

So, nothing to say about, probably just that FDC made it more acceptable for collectors.
Face value of 70.00 ding (0.74 $), for sure, You will find it from any collectors on "exchange" base, and dealer will need extra 10% minimum.

11-2014 "patriarch Pavle":

If the previous issue was "disaster", this one come as healing for it!
late Patriarch Pavle was great person, who have great influence in religion and culture of Serbian population. Respected by almost all citizen and one soul that "shine" over all believer in Master!
Single stamp issued, with lowest face value of 23.00 dinar (0.24 $), as I search on internet, and with contact from Belgrade (Serbia), this issue are sold out almost after 24 hour on market. Sheetlet of 8 stamp and gutter it made very nice picture, and FDC just made it better. because of popularity and perfect design, stamp are in demand around, that made asking prices to go up as now dealers for single stamp as 4 time face value (minimum 1.00 $), and pair with gutter can reach some 3.00 $, sheetlet of 8+1 come near 7.00 $). Issued on Sept. 11, 2014, printed by ZIN - and yes, cancel on FDC are also fine!

12-2014 "Stamp day":

As every year, also this one, come out really good way! "Stamp Day" one stamp, low face value (0.24 $), fit to "Stamp on Stamp" topic, "must be" for every collection. Issue come out on Sept. 23, 2014.
Usually dealer will sell it in double face value, but as it is very attractive - probably price will be much bigger - keep an eye on this stamp!

13-2014 "Museum Exhibits":

This issue can be called other that is, and better will fit to "Coat of Arms" - because it show us coat of arms for Nemanjic and Brankovic dynasty - as is, I can say it is little bit "poor" in design, but - You can not change something that is made long-long time ago!
FDC made it much better and probably, many collectors of this topic will be very happy to have it in album!
Two stamp in set, with combined face value of 92.00 dinar (0.98 $), on internet You can have it for around three times face value, but if You have some "long-term" dealer that supply you with new issues, price will be lowered, probably just twice face value - all depend!
Nov. 1, 2014 on market!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014: second shipment of new issues

6-2014 "EUROPA":

Let's be fair, and say, that this issue and design from Serbia is really best of all countries that I have opportunity to examine! Clear design that tell us visually about National Instrument, National Costumes and places where it is in use. So "clever" design, that we almost "feel" the spirit of country. Not every country made it this time! 
Stamp come to the public on April 28, 2014. Set of 2 stamp with face value of around 1.70 $ per set, but as attractive that will made price little bit higher in shop or from dealer. If You will try to have it with gutter between - You will need to pay some heavy extra money.

7-2014 "Nature Protection":

This time, slightly different format of issue named "Nature Protection", still nice, with two places mentioned on stamp. It is Nature Park Stara Planina and Zaovine. Place where still NATURE is in charge. On stamp, we have also shown Deer, rabbit, Eagles, on salvage of printing sheet is some other animals like Owl, Fox and other. This issue will fit well to the topical collection.
Two stamp in set, face value of 1.25 $, but again, because low quantity printed, and attractive design - for sure will cost almost double of face value in open market. Stamp come to the public on May 22, 2014, keep an eye on it!

8-2014 "Centenary of WWI":

Here it is one very important issue in history, WWI where many countries will issue stamp honoring this 100 years of great tragedy in civilization. What I have in my hands from other countries, all honor victory, or generals, or politicians in this war. Some as winner, and other just as "wrong side" with monarch on it. When I saw this issue from Serbia, I asked myself: "Why to made it so as "shame" and not as "proud"?!
Serbian design is just one artist work, with medals in, but "telling" us just as loser Serbian are, and not as winner in this war! As we know from history, Serbian army have so many causalities, that no other army and country have, country was ruined and industry destroyed, with this facts, my expectation was that Post of Serbia will have an issue as celebrating winning WWI over Austro-Hungary - instead, I can see from stamp, just heroic exodus, heroic losses - no heroic winners! Why?
Stamp come to the public at Jun 24, 2014 as four stamp in set, with face value of 2.00 $ per set. Probably You will find it almost by face value.

9-2014 "Fauna":

One really nice issue, but also "naive" design and art work, that will better fit some "children books" than postage stamp. Why I think so? That was feeling when You look at design. Still really nice and attractive to see, and probably many collectors will wish to have it. Four stamp in set, with face value little bit more than 2.00 $ per set. As usually, printing sheet was made of 5 sets and gutter between that made one whole picture when complete.
Come out to the public on Jun 30, 2014. Showing us Bobcat, Wolf, Wild Cat and Fox.

Postage Due 2-2014:

As usually, serbia have it lot on use, few as now and I see that it come out very frequently. Any single is selling on the market around 1$ per single, where we have it for "Electronic Communication", "Rowing Championship", "Tour de Serbia", "Cancer Fighting", "Church of Sv. Sava" and another one that You will be very surprised:

Mileva Maric Einstein (1875-1948):

As many of us don't know who she is, I will add here link to Wikipedia, ( but will try to explain as simple as can be:
She was wife of Albert Einstein, and according many scientist and other "high" ranking people, Einstein all work are strictly controlled, corrected, approved by her. Mean that without this lady, Albert will never achieve status that have as today. To our sorrow, as Albert was good in science, he was not good as father and husband, abandoning wife and children that resulted in misery of his family.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014: Start nice!

Here we are again!

1-2014 "Opening of Negotiation":

I will call it more openly "Opening negotiation of capitulation"!
Funny, cynical, but probably correct. And more than that - I really don't understand what was need to made this stamp? Just to say to the public and citizen that finally EU "broke" any possible option to stay "neutral" on the Balkan?

Issued very quickly after New Year, Jan. 21, 2014, one single stamp, minimal face value of around 0.26 $ per stamp. Nothing important on design except that it is nice topic of "Flags on Postage Stamp".

2-2014 "Lunar New year":

At the time of Yugoslavia, this topic was not common to made, but as time come, many countries made it and Serbia didn't stay away - as I see, even they made it better than other countries around!

Date is Jan. 31, 2014, two stamps in set, face value of less than $ (0.77 $) that will make it very affordable to have in collection. Topic is also popular, because it is "Year of Horse" in China Lunar Calendar, also can be included in "Horoscope" topical.
I will suggest to have it in collection, because it is still available around market!

3-2014 "Winter Olympic":

Not perfect, but very nice made. As we know, it is organized in Sochi - Russia, and Winter Sport is also popular around globe. Figure Skating and High Jump - shown on postage stamp. Set of 2 stamp, will take from You less than $ in face value, but if You will ask for sheet of 8 + gutter on middle - be prepared to pay on market some 15.00 $ minimum. Personally - I like it, even FDC is better than set alone!
Issued on Feb. 7, 2014.

4-2014 "Art(ist)":

Say what You want, but I will mark it as worst design in last period! What it is? Free expression of designer? Probably! But I don't like it! Than, 3 stamp in set, face value of near 1.50 $, Shakespeare, Lermontov and local Nushic on postage stamp. As I have in stock, Bosnia (Serbian part) made this issue much-much better as for eye, same for soul!
FDC improved little bit overall feeling, but still not for my taste!

5-2014 "Easter":

Noooo, it is running away from past design, where it was made just of "Fresque" on stamp, now, Post decided to be more "close" to the Catholic way, and less Orthodox Russian or Greece, probably EU is pressing too hard?
Two stamp in set, less than 0.70 $ face value, too small picture for this original painting!
Because I sold all FDC from stock (it is still popular topic of "Religion on Postage Stamp") I can not tell exact day of issue.

Postage Due 1-2014 "For displaced & refugee":

As usually, it is very low face value, obligatory just one week on all post, face value of 0.11 $, with really humanitarian intention of "New Roof" - mean to collect income for building homes for refugee and displaced that live in Serbia. As we know, Serbia have more than 2 million refugee from Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and other part of Yugoslavia. No world organization care about this people, and this is just one really symbolic way to help this people.

Friday, April 04, 2014

12-2013 till end of year 2013

Finally, I have last shipment of FDC from Serbia 2013 year. Yes, too long and didn't have listed it here (end of 2013), it happen because Serbian Post again made some kind of "break" in producing and delivering FDC's from August till end of 2013. What happen? I really don't know, even my source in Belgrade didn't know what is really happening there, probably payment dispute to the printer, nothing strange if it is true.
As is - is, and here we go with:

12-2013 "Equestrian" Ljubicevo Games (Horses):

Given to the public on 30 Aug. 2013, set of 4 value, in sheet of 5 set and gutter between two stamp. Gutter on full sheet are different for each set, little bit difference of most till today made, where it was like complete picture.
Face value for full set is little bit over 1.00 US$! 1.04 $ actually, that is very affordable (if You will take account just face value) for "Sport", "Horses" topical collector, but - You must count that no dealer will sell it by face value, and yeah - postage cost will kill us!

13-2013 "Joy of Europe":

Issued on 2 Sep. 2013, set of 2 stamp. I still can not understand why they continue with this "topical", name "Joy of Europe", as we know, that it was very attractive festival in SFR of Yugoslavia time! Because all this "new independent countries" abandoned "motherland" of Yugoslavia, I really don't see reason to celebrate something that don't have any significance in today's "new world order". Yes, it is nice and good effort, but just at the time that our children have REALLY joy in own country!
Face value is little bit under 1.00 $ (0.80 US$) per set, and just "Bicycle" topical collectors will be happy to find it in collection. Nothing "great" to say about this issue!

14-2013 "Constitutional Court":

If not funny - it will be very sad! Which kind of celebration? 50 year of Constitutional Court?
What exactly if we know, that in Serbia, politician is changing constitution after every election (that happen frequently) and "constitution" start to be just like some kind of "shield" for every possible problems in Serbia!
This single stamp come to the public on 14 Oct. 2013, with "Coat of Arm", "Book of Constitution" and "Statue of Justice" on it!
Provocative in every aspect! 
Face value for this single stamp is 0.26 US$, very available around!

15-2013 "Stamp Day":

Really nice design! You have here shown all that represent one post activity! From map (on FDC) to hand cancel, envelope, leaf, seal... Really good work of artist!
Come to public on 25 Oct. 2013, single, again low face value of 0.26 US$ per stamp! If You need something "good" in Your collection, obtain this single stamp together with FDC - and You can go to exhibition!

16-2013 Christmas":

To be fair? Nothing "special" with this time! If not good FDC design, it will go unnoticed!
Two stamp in set, face value of 0.80 US$, probably just for "Religion" on stamp collectors!
Out on the market on 28 Oct. 2013.

17-2013 "Njegos":

Fine, it is very important person for Serbs. He was great poet, prince-bishop, and ruler of Montenegro!
So, deserve to be on postage stamp, it is 200 years of his birth, and Serbian is searching for self-boost in national "feeling". What Montenegrin say? Hmmmmm, better ask them - there are very different opinion for and against this "ruler"! I personally can say, that he was great!
Single stamp there, little bit more than usually face value - 0.54 US$, design is much better on CM than on stamp alone!

18-2013 "Science and Education":

This set can be named just "Education", because showing us 4 stamp in set, all of Gymnasiums in Serbia (Prijepolje, Novi Pazar, Mitrovica, Pancevo), with tradition of more than 175 year. Nice for one small country, under Turkish rule, that keep own education and didn't give up for foreign ruler education!
Set of 4 stamp, all in same face value, together give little bit over $, 1.04 US$ per set. If You collect "Architecture" or "Building" topical - it is for You!
Come to the public on 20 Nov. 2013.

19-2013 "King Aleksander I Karadjordjevic":

If Njegos, than also King Aleksander - isn't?
yeah, it is 125 year of birth, and many nationalist will be happy to see it on cover, but, I'm afraid, that also many will be using heavy cancel for this in post offices! Seriously, it is not bad design, showing us portrait of King, and his coat of arms/seal.
good topical in any case! As King deserve, it is also face value bigger than "ordinary" single issue - this one come up with 0.59 US$ face value, but be prepared to pay little bit more!

20-2013 "Joint issue with Algeria - Carpets":

2 Dec. 2013, not bad, not bad at all! Nice design showing us Serbian and Algerian carpet, that as I know are very valued, not like Persian carpet - but very near of it! This m/s is showing us motifs on carpet of this two countries, tools for producing same - one small "museum" on postage stamp!
Recommended to have it - if not for something else, for history alone!
There it is two stamp in it, 1.09 US$ face value, not expensive, affordable and good design - You need more than that in Your collection?

21-2013 "Military Industry":

28 Nov. 2014, long tradition in Serbia, good quality production till today. Here we celebrate 160 years of "Zastava" factory, that produce very fine weapons for military, private, sport use. design is also not bad, showing us cannon, factory.
On FDC even technical drawing of "Kokina pus'ka"! Go and take it! Face value are standard of 22 dinar - 0.26 US$. 

22-2013 "Stefan Nemanja - Icon":

If Njegos, if King, than we have also one Holy Stefan! 6 Dec. 2013, single stamp of face value 0.26 US$, fine tuned design that have significance - keep it in collection!

and in the end of year:

Postage due 3-2013:

As usually there is 10 dinar face value for each - mean 0.11 US$ per one, of this 4 last issued. For Serbian population it is not little - it is actually good money (if we see it in quantity printed).
here we have again one building of library, handball sport, Red Cross and family (this one with very nice slogan there - "Listen mam and dad - I want sister of brother"!