Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 continuing...

Just few issues that come to my store right now:

14-2014 "Science":

This issue come of two stamp, face value is relatively low, 1.00 $ per set, because recent downing of local currency, but as we search web acution/s, it can reach even 2.00 euro per set of two, and sheet of 10 much-much more!

Stamp come out to market on Oct. 8, 2014. celebrating two Serbian scientist, one is Josif Pancic and second Petar Stevanovic. one is Florist and second Geologist. Printing quality really well done! Printing done by ZIN Company, one shifting from FORUM Company, and visible improvement in quality.

15-2014 "Christmas":

As usually, at this time of every year, Christmas stamp coming to the public. Oct. 17, 2014, with two stamp in set, again low face value of 1.00 $ per set, but again low quantity printed, which resulted in very high market prices that can reach more than 2.20 euro per set.
On stamp You have Fresque/Icons from Monastery Zhicha. Nice designed, and FDC just little bit improve overall feeling.

16-2014 "Liberation of Belgrade":

One very important event in Serbian, and not just Serbian, but Yugoslavia and Europe, Balkan and World , history! There was occupation in WWII, Germans, Italians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Albanian, all coming to occupy Yugoslavia! Killing and destruction all around!
Happened that Belgrade (capital city of Yugoslavia, and today Serbia) was on the target from all sides! Last forces that bombed Belgrade come from very "friendly" countries in WWI, tragedy alone, but NATO didn't care at all!
To liberate Belgrade in WWII, Yugoslavian Army lost 2950 fighters, and Soviet Union lost 960, can You imagine which forces of killing was there?
Germans Army, that departed from Greece, lost some 17 000 soldiers, just in Battle of Belgrade, this facts show us how important this event is also today!
For this anniversary, small Serbia made one parade, inviting all leaders to come, but (probably of shame?) no one from "friendly" NATO countries arrived, just Russian President Putin made it to Belgrade!
Stamp come out to the market on Oct. 20, 2014, with one interesting format of two stamp in sheet, one (lower value) stamp show us bombed Belgrade in WWII, and second (highest value) is today's Belgrade, as modern, rebuilt open city! I was there before two year, and can just recommended it to the all readers: INCLUDE this city to Your traveling destination!
Again quantity are very low, which resulted that market price come around 4.50 euro per one, even that face value are also not small (2.30 $). I think, that this m/s will be hard to find!

Update from "Filatelisticki Glasnik, #9, Dec. 2014):

from editorial part (page 4), author made really great comment on this issue, which explain us some fact about, as design on this m/s because on m/s we see modern part of Belgrade (on right side of m/s) and ruins of Belgrade (on left side of m/s)!
Left side actually show us ruins of buildings in Belgrade, from WWII, but from 1941 (WWII - bombing of Yugoslavia), that mean, no connection between "Liberation of Belgrade" (by Red Army of Soviet Union 1944) - and most of problematic detail is that face value of 50.00 Serbian Dinar, didn't math any post tariff in or out from Serbia!

17-2014 "Children's Stamp - Fairy Tales":

I still didn't received FDC of this issue, but can ask Serbian Post: "What was need for this experiment"?
Not attractive issue at all, even that topic are attractive, many collectors will need it in collection, but there is plenty of better design option! Four stamp in set, in usual format of 8 stamp + gutter on middle, face value not so small, and market go wild - 3.62 euro per set, which is caused by low quantity printed and format composition. Just really addict collector will have it in collection under "Fauna" topic - probably!

3-2014 Postage Due:

Every year, there is Postage due obligated on all mail delivery in one week period. This one is under name "Children's Week", and have one nice motto: 
"Every Children with happy face, one family keeps"!
(Serbian: "Svako dete srecnog lica, cuva jedna porodica")
Nice intention, nice education way, to remind us (parents) about our obligation we have!
Keep for single stamp, on market, 1.00 $, even that it is face value just 0.11 $.