Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Serbia 2012 - continue:

12-2012 "European Nature Protection - Forest":

Issued on June 1, 2012, with set of 2 stamp. Face value for set is 68.00 Serbian Dinar - not big money in US$, but where is "game"? In stamp of 46.00 dinar - this one is printed in 
quantity of just 25 000.
Someone will say - so what!? Nothing, I will answer - I will be glad to see who will have this set in postally used on/off cover! 

What we have on stamp is Acer heldreichii and Arn. Var. pallasiana - Pinus nigra, two well protected tree in Serbia. On stamp, we can see drawings of tree and leaf, forest - probably good idea, but too small dimension of stamp for this topic. But, if we will ask for bigger stamp - it will be very non practical (something that Bosnian Post made recently, in "Snake" issue).

13-2012 "Olympic - London 2012:"

I really don't like it from beginning of introduction emblem to advertisement of same Olympic Games! It start with logo, that some of critics say it resemble to the word "ZION" instead of 2012, till artist expression of what need to be on the stamp shown.
What we see on stamp? Just Olympic torch and stadium on one stamp, and London famous building and stadium. I ask - and where is some other "Olympic" element like sport?
face value is also not so small for two stamp, it is around 1.40 US$ per set, because popularity of this topic, it will cost much more on market. Quantity printed are little bit more than normal (100 000 for both stamp), and no m/s come out. Like usually - it is sheet of 8 stamp and gutter on middle.

14-2012 "175 year of Cathedral":

Even that it is just single stamp, I can say that nice job made by artist! 
Come out at July 13, 2012, single stamp of really low face value of some quarter of $, that will allow many collectors to have it in collection. Cheaply, nice, popular topic under "religion", low quantity printed (50 000), probably will be sold out very quickly! I don't know who is main dealer that purchase most of quantity directly from Serbian Post, but see: 50 000 x 0.25 = 12 500 US$ for  "all printed" - let's say that 25% Serbian "standing order" customer will have, and next 25% if will go to post branches for regular use - it is  around 6300 US$ that will some dealer/s invest - and start to manipulate market!
Any way, I like design on all three option (stamp, FDC and CM) and can just recommend to all - run and grab!

Friday, June 29, 2012

7-2012 and continue:

7-2012 Science:
Issued March 30, 2012, with three stamp in set celebrating 75 yr Fine Art Academy, 75 yr Music Academy and 150 yr Gymnasium in Pozarevac city.

All three stamp in set are printed in very low quantity of 25 000 - for this really nice set, I think not enough for all collectors that collect topic! Probably You will need some more effort to have it in collection. Prices are not so big deal at market, some 2+ $ per set, but sheet of 10, will cost You little premium - probably 23-25.00 $ - in any way - nice set.

8-2012 Joint issue with Slovakia:
That go out on April 12, 2012, to be fair - one of worst design, or "idea" that Serbian Post made in last period.

I understand significance of mentioning one artist like Jan Konjarek, but it can be done in other way. To make joint issue between two countries with very similar folk, existed many another "dual" thing that can be placed on stamp, and mark this event. But, probably someone don't think like me.

Single stamp issued, Market will ask for it somewhere between 1.00 to 1.25 $ for each. Again same low quantity printed, 25 000 - that will result in shortage of it on option if You will seek for stamp with gutter.

9-2012 Belgrade Marathon:
It happened for 25 time - year, nice event, more or less good design, low face value that will be also well available on market, because it is printed in 50 000 quantity.
Come to market on April 21, 2012.

10-2012 Reptiles - Fauna:
Snake, lizard and turtle world! Attractive, again with gutter between, that will make You trouble if You wish to have all complete picture from gutter. You will need all 5 sets to complete it. And not so cheap ! Complete set will take from You some 4-5.00 $!!!! Quantity printed are 65 000 for all stamp in set - it is 13 000 sheetlet of 5 set in, I think that "shortage" will not occur for this set, but market prices will probably just rise! Come to market on May 21, 2012.

11-2012 EUROPA issue:
Well made presentation of Serbia! Wish that they print it in huge quantity, that every mail from Serbia have one stamp on it - and this way to promote places that are worth to visit!

Yes - nice, and popular topic resulted in large quantity printed - 100 000, which will, probably turn down market value. Because that, again probably, Serbia Post printed it in high face value of 77.00 and 44.00 dinar. At the moment, I see that market is valuing it on around 2.50 $ per set. But again here we have sheetlet of 8 with gutter on middle - which will made (again) extra expenses if You need it with gutter. 
Go out to market on May 30, 2012.

Postage Due 2-2012:
Like usually, one for Sv. Sava Church in Belgrade, and second for Para Olympic team! Good gesture if You wish to "donate" some money for this nice cause! But, You must to understand, that catalog will valued it minimum, and on market it will be not so frequent in offering - because that prepare extra effort to find in in mint or used condition, and also some 1.00 $ per sample.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012 year - beginning with:

This year, it start with some difference from "Program" that Serbian Post released.
According it, 1st issue need to be "1st Winter Youth Olympic" - which I still didn't receive, probably didn't come out from print? 
Nothing terrible!

1-2012 "The Lunar Calendar - China New Year":

Come out from print on Feb. 2, 2012, with two stamp in set, face value of 22.00 dinar and 55.00 dinar. Keep an eye on 55.00 face value stamp, it will be very difficult to have it in PU (Postal used) form, for reason that 22.00 dinar is printed in 175 000 quantity, and 55.00 dinar go out just 25 000!
If we know that for 1.00 US$ exchange rate are around 90.00 dinar - this set will have low value of less that $ in face value, but - again BUT! First, it is common design with few countries around (not exactly common, better say, similar) like Croatia, Azerbaijan.... Than, come topic of "Lunar Year" that many China topic collectors will like to have in collection, and also low face value will just increase demand for it.  
Design are great, I can say one of best from this "field" that I saw in around, with "Dragoon" expressing all "power" that it represent.

2-2012 "Easter":

 Small dissatisfaction this time! Before, it was nice, "big" picture, clear view, and now some "remote" pictured, with very small detail and big margin. Again two stamp in set, little bit less face value than first issue this year. It come out on March 15, 2012, face value of 22.00 and 46.00 dinar, but again difference in quantity printed between this two stamps are great! 22.00 dinar are printed in 215 000 and 46.00 dinar in 25 000 quantity! I will suggest You, if You want it in really used condition, to find one "secure" supplier of new issue, not "simple" collector/s because hardly (knowing economic situation in Serbia), that someone will have "power" to supply it on "exchange" base, and even on "buy" option, not every person and collectors can afford to spend this money on postage stamp, and to wait in post office to made it canceled.

3-2012 "Personalized - 50 year of Phila Community in Voivodina":

About this stamp, I can not say - NOTHING! It come from "personalized" stamp, service that Serbian Post have (like many other countries), but same Serbian Post, refuse to "handle" it by catalog or by any other mean of evidence. Date of issue, who is owner, quantity printed, all this information existed just in "account evidence" inside Serbian Post, probably under "business secret", that post don't need to publish. I know just that minimum quantity order are 200 pieces, and cost minimum 110.00 dinar per one stamp. Now, think logic!? 22.00 dinar face value, You will need to pay 110.00 dinar cash, in advance! Good for You? To reach producing cost = face value, You will need to order 500 000 + quantity with negotiation, because this quantity are valued 25.00 dinar per one.

I have some samples in my stock, from previous years, (one of it was "Judaica" topic, "Menorah" design, that come out with very big scandal and, what I hear later, also with court action regarding "reprint" issue of same design but by another owner), and never have  ability to find any "local" catalog or list with more detail.

4-2012 "Art - Architecture":

Not bad design under name of "Architecture", but if You will call it "Art" some collectors will be very confused, and probably will refuse to include it in this name collection! Four stamp in set, total face value of 1.73 $, all in same quantity printed (65 000), prepare much more to buy it from dealer! On stamp shown three building from Belgrade, and one from Subotica, nice item to include in collection, and also not so expensive. Come out on March 2, 2012.

5-2012 "ANC - Mandela - South Africa":

I really don't see any reason why Serbian Post made it! Not because (God forbid) I have something against this movement and political party, but because Serbia don't have any common cause with it!
100 years of struggle against apartheid is not characteristic for peoples of Serbia and Yugoslavia. There (in Yugoslavia and Serbia) was never "race segregation" or racism on power, and more worst, at the time of Yugoslavia, one of countries that are not friend with Yugoslavia was South Africa! Suddenly, this two countries start to be friends? Hard to believe! Probably some kind of political usury, or some "outside" pressure on politic structure in Serbia, made this issue happen.
Single stamp issued, "normal" design, not included in "program", half $ to pay in post office for one stamp - too expensive by my opinion.

6-2012 "National Theater in Nish":

Great celebration, many "new and democratic" countries didn't exist at the time, when Serbia have theater, rail, museums etc - and now who can say that Serbian people are "barbarians"?
But it seems that Serbian politicians didn't care about! Because face value of this stamp are 22.00 dinar, and "South Africa  friendship are 46.00 dinar - I can ask: "What is more important for Serbia"?
Issued on March 9, 2012, also not mentioned in "Program" for 2012 year! I can say, it is poor design, something like "home work" for pupils in fundamental class!

Postage Due 1-2012:

If someone in this world is "frajer" (it is someone who have "easy hand" when spending money), it is Serbian people that have so many postage due stamps issued per year. Here it come, from start of the year, four time/cause for taking more money from sender of simple envelope, that will cost him additional 10.00 dinar (0.11 $) per shipment! One issue is for "Anti Cancer" cause, second for European champ in handball, next is for "Refugee" and fourth for European champ in wrestling!

All of this cause, is really nice and human effort worth of helping - but, I think that it is gov't role to do it, and not ordinary citizen to help in finance it (I don't want to say "forced", but very near of it).
We all know that just in last civil war in Yugoslavia, one and half million refugee from Bosnia come to Serbia (under "Democratic" Muslim and NATO help), near same come from Croatia, and half from Kosovo - it is really need to help this people, but - additional money collected from "postage stamp" will be "zero result" in helping.
Any single, even if You offer 2.00 $ per sample, will be impossible to find, not in mint and not in used condition! Why? People don't have money to spend on mail, and who have, will spend it at the time when "obligatory period" will expire!
recently, I have in offer to my client postage due, complete years till 2010 from Bosnia (Muslim part), probably 30 stamp at all - sold out for near 100$ per set - and it take me half year to find on market! See by Yourself if You will have any luck!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Here it is almost all from end of 2011 year issue. Missing just one or two items that will be added when it arrive to me. We will start with:

Postage Due 4-2011:
Like usually, Red Cross, UNICEF and For Children. All valid for one week use on every mail delivered at the time. Face value just minimum of few cents, but because it is not attractive topic (except Red Cross), hardly that You will find it available at every dealer around. When talking about market value, prepare for 1$ for each stamp.

33-2011 "Power Plant"
Here I still missing FDC cover for this issue, because that I can not say for sure date of issue, but topic is nice, "100 year of Hydro Power Plant" in Serbia! Strange? Not so - if we know who are Serbian scientist like Nikola Tesla (https://www.facebook.com/groups/teslarelease/), and other that made some most important work to our civilization. 

Here is one single issue, with photo of project team of this power plant, and nice design that well present this occasion. Face value of 22.00 dinara, market value around 0.62 $.

32-2011 "Gold Medal - Volleyball":
On September 2011, in Vienna, Austria - tournament, where Serbia take gold medal, and also on October 2011, in Belgrade, Serbia, again gold medal for 1st place. Nice achievement from Serbian sport Team and nice present to nation on end of the year - isn't?

Set of two value, in sheetlets of 8+1 gutter, design is fine, and topic attractive, which will go to "Sport" topic, and not so big market value - just 1.25 $.

31-2011 "Journalist Organization":
Again one nice issue, celebrating 130 years - can You imagine, 130 years of organized journalism in Serbia. i think that this country "beat" many of "great" democratic and modern countries around globe with organization and education organization.

This issue come to public on Nov. 25, 2011, single stamp there, typewriter, book, PC - nice for topic collectors, and also not expensive, will find it for half dollar or little more - 0.62 $.

30-2011 "Christmas":
You know, I like when they make "Icons" in full mean, and not like this one. Even that on stamp is stated "Icons from Church" - better say it is fresco - small difference? Probably for ordinary people, but - artist made nice effort in design, FDC is even better than stamp alone. Issued on Nov. 15, 2011, two stamp in set, much-much bigger face value than ordinary issue - this one with 112.00 + 22.00 dinar - translated to market value, it will take from You around 3.82 $. 

29-2011 "Joint issue Serbia-Brazil":
Nice effort by Serbian Post, to inform public about friendship between Serbia and Brazil, with two stamp that celebrate 50 years of Nobel Prize given to Serbian writer Ivo Andric (1892-1975), and Brazilian writer Rachel de Queiroz (1910-2003). Both are very important for own country and civilization at global.

Issued on Oct. 26, 2011, two stamp in set, nice portrait design and not so expensive - on the market just around 2.00 $.

28-2011 "Stamp Day":
I don't like this design, too much "poor" and avantgard? Probably other mean to celebrate Belgrade and First Philatelic Exhibition made there. Nice info can be find just on the back side of FDC, and from stamp, You can learn just of Serbian early classic issue, and new bridge (recently build) in Belgrade, less visible is there some other architecture from Belgrade, but color composition damage overall feeling of serious design work.

Single stamp, Nov. 25, 2011 - 1.31 $ on market.

27-2011 "1st Serbian Movie":
And which design!!!! Probably Serbian Post wish to remind Turkish - that "We didn't forget"!
Again 100 year celebration! 1st movie after "Life and Deeds of the Immortal Duke Karadjordje"!
Printing sheet of 10 stamp are great! FDC and CM also nice, and look at the stamp! "Head is rolling", in daily newspaper of "Vecernje Novosti" comment go like "The picture looks very nice and clear, without any blinking, and contents itself will provoke a real sensation wherever it will be presented"! Probably true? For sure, Turkish will be upset, because there, on stamp is "head" of Turk, and topic alone refresh memory of genocide  made in Serbia by Ottoman Empire (for which Turk never received any punishment, even today, they are awarded some kind of "leader" around).

Single issue of 22.00 dinar face value, I think it is worth it - 0.62 $ for very good design and topic!
Issue come to public on Nov. 3, 2011, in single stamp, and printing sheet of 10.

26-2011 "Joy of Europe":
Every year, this issue make me angry! Not because topic, but because design! Yes, it is children drawing on stamp, and yes, it is nice - but to celebrate children effort, peace, education and all human value against children, You can manifestate it in much better way! This kind of "kish-kush" drawing will just lower idea and quality!

Issued on Sept. 30, 2011, single stamp, expensive on the market - 1.31$, I think - not worth!

25-2011 "Volleyball Champ Italy-Serbia":
If You see in previous issue, Serbia take 2 gold medal, isn't? Again, best of the best in sport arena! But, surprise - this time also nice design, probably will be short on market! Single issue, 1.31 $ on market, and good luck in exchange. If someone offer You for exchange - take it! Issued on Sept. 20, 2011.

24-2011 "Non-Aligned Countries":
We all know what this countries mean before 50-60 year - isn't? It was one great organization that made some kind of "justice" in "World Order" made after WWII - to celebrate 50 year from first conference that was held in Yugoslavia (again Yugoslavia, it is mostly advanced country at the time?) on 1st to 7th September 1961. Just to remind collectors that 25 countries made this organization (from today's 180+ countries), that give this organization very big political power in UN and that was one of reason, why was  Yugoslavia TORN apart by "big" power like USA and England!!!
Issued on Sept. 1, 2011, single stamp, with low value - on market just over 0.62 $.